30 Nights on the Casper Mattress

This will be a constantly updated post, chronicling the first 30 days on a Casper mattress. After sleeping for 6 months on an airbed, the Casper feels like heaven. Since Casper has a 100-night trial though, the jury isn’t out. What if I end up hating it in the long run?

I’m constantly monitoring my sleep and how it affects my mood. Using the Jawbone UP 24 sleep tracking, I’ll seek to provide real metrics on how my nightly sleep is impacted.

But Casper recommends giving your body 2 weeks to adjust. Here I’ll chronicle my nights for the first 30 days to give you an idea of the changes.

Night 1

As expected the Casper mattress is soft and lovely. It feels like a bed at the Marriott. It’s been a long day at work and at the first day of the SXSW music festival. I hit the bed and fall asleep almost instantly.

I woke up this morning and felt pretty good. A big reason I chose the Casper over the Leesa is because I’m a side sleeper and get shoulder pain after sleeping on my side, and the Casper has been reviewed as softer than the Leesa mattress. With a $50 off referral code, it was also cheaper. Win win.

Compared to my air mattress, the shoulder has much less pain. From what I can remember it was negligible.

Sitting on the side of the bed this morning, I noticed that the edge of the mattress gives when you’re putting on your socks and shoes. A downside versus a spring mattress, but I don’t purchase mattresses based on how easily I can put on my socks.

Nigh 1 on the Casper Mattress


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